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L’outil Trouver une activité est conçu pour aider les parents canadiens, les professionnels de la santé, de l’éducation, du sport et du loisir à avoir accès à des ressources, des plans d’activités et des fournisseurs selon l’endroit, l’âge, le genre de handicap et les préférences sportives, pour améliorer l’intégration des enfants ayant un handicap dans la programmation sportive existante.

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Aveugle ou déficience visuelle, Éducateur, 6 – 9 ans, 9 – 12 ans, 12 – 15 ans, 15 ans et +

This booklet provides suggestions and ideas to promote skill competency and enhancement. For youth that have been involved in sports, some of these modifications may be rudimentary. However, many children and youth who are blind or partially sighted have had limited exposure to physical activity and so may need to begin with simple concepts and movements.
Tout, Amputé, Aveugle ou déficience visuelle, Éducateur, Déficience intellectuelle, Déficience physique, Travaille avec plusieurs genres de déficiences

Collection of adapted physical education lesson plans that work, to help improve the lives of individuals living with disabilities through physical education and sport!
Tout, Parent, Travaille avec plusieurs genres de déficiences

Vancouver Rowing Club (VRC) is one of Canada’s leading rowing clubs for para/adaptive rowing possibilities. We strive to provide recreational and competitive rowing opportunities to anyone who wants to be out on the water rowing! The health benefits of rowing are many, and in addition, VRC offers a thriving social component to all those involved in the club. Rowing programs are available for AS (...
Tout, Parent, Travaille avec plusieurs genres de déficiences

Vernon Rowing and Dragon Boat Club (VRDBC) offers an inclusive para-rowing program to persons with physical or cognitive disabilities. With accessible docks, para-specific equipment, trained club coaches, and the provincial para rowing coach on site, VRDBC offers a first class para rowing experience for all abilities. You can have a customized training program whether cross-training for another...
Éducateur, Activité physique: propulse un fauteuil manuel, Déficience physique, 6 – 9 ans, 9 – 12 ans

Designed for teachers and community partners to educate children and youth about the sport of wheelchair basketball, inclusion and accessibility, and encourage youth with or without a disability to be physically active. Sets of 5 activity cards are available for primary, junior and intermediate grades, each with links to the Ontario curriculum and Long-Term Athlete Development.
Éducateur, Déficience physique, 9 – 12 ans

Designed to educate students and teachers about the sport of wheelchair rugby, raise awareness of accessibility and equality issues, and encourage both able-bodied and disabled persons to be physically active. Thirteen lessons plans include teaching plans, prescribed learning outcomes, handouts, glossaries and all other supporting materials.   
Tout, Éducateur, Déficience physique

A list of the Top 10 Tips to help you create an engaging and inclusive environment in your school whereall your students can thrive.